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Process of topology optimisation of an additive manufactured part.


Independent Engineering Partner

 for Suppliers of Additive Manufacturing

Our independent engineering services support you and your customers to develop products and applications for industrial 3D printing. We accelerate investment decisions in additive manufacturing and increase the utilization of the user's machines.

Accelerating investment decisions

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Development of profitable applications

Our goal is to bring additive manufacturing into a broad industrial application. We combine technical expertise and practical experience in additive manufacturing. Our mission is making new applications possible, of which it was previously said: "that won't work".

Experience demonstrates that the sales process for industrial 3D printers is much more extensive than for conventional manufacturing systems. Often, the customer's component or application must be further developed before the sale can be made. We provide support where a test print or a small pilot project is not sufficient to convince a company to invest in additive manufacturing.

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Creating Trust and Added Value

design of an additive manufactured part

Engineering - The key to success

As an independent development service provider, we carry out all steps on the way to a long term successful implementation of additive manufacturing. In particular, we support you in tasks that exceed the classical sales process.

We are not a 3D printing service provider and are therefore independent in the choice of materials, manufacturing processes, and systems.

Our services

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Philipp Süß is teaching about the economics of additive manufactruring

We support your sales process

If the cost of development exceeds the scope of a service in the sales process.

When the customer wants an independent and unbiased development. 

If you want to increase the utilization of already sold machines.

If your customer is looking for someone to take over long-term engineering tasks and thus create a continuous know-how transfer.

When additional engineering capacities for additive manufacturing are needed. 

If you are looking for an alternative approach to cold leads.

Satisfied Customers

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Die Zusammenarbeit mit Süß & friends ist extrem dynamisch und die bisherigen Ergebnisse haben unsere Erwartungen voll erfüllt. Die vorhandene Expertise ist genau diese, welche wir gesucht haben.

The cooperation with Süß & friends is extremely dynamic and the results so far have fully met our expectations. The existing expertise is exactly what we were looking for.

Robby Zitzmann, Principal Engineer, ABB AG

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